Sunday, September 12, 2004

Report from God's psychiatrist #2

In my last report I remarked upon God's tendency for narcissism and self-indulgent escapism. Based upon a through analysis of His latest communication, I would have to add to that diagnosis a Devil-May-Care Attitude (although not in DSM-IV, this clinical condition is under consideration for adoption in DSM-V). It has been well established by theologians throughout history that God has foreknowledge of all events. He evidently has ignored these tracts, as He claims He doesn't know what will happen in the future. Or care. We may perhaps forgive his disinclination to use the antiquated form of address "thou"—although some Quakers of the old school might disagree—but to claim ignorance of all future events is simple irresponsibility. After all, even I know some things that will happen tomorrow. The sun will rise, for example. That's a certainty. Isn't it? All right, there is a statistical probability that the sun will collide with a passing star, in which case the sun may indeed not rise tomorrow, and if it does it will not matter as we will be dead. Yes, we will all have died a most horrible, grisly death. But I'm not worried about that. At least when I'm awake. When I dream, I do imagine things too terrible to be revealed. However, my graphic visions of apocalypse and final catastrophe are not the point. It's God's paranoia we're concerned with here. And avoidance of incorporating the Reality Principle into His everyday life. Let us all devoutly pray that He will come to His senses and stop evading His responsibilities.

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