Tuesday, September 28, 2004

The thisness of that

If thou art that and all this is that, that's fine, but then what about this? Aren't you this as well? Having been reduced to that, is it impossible to retrieve the thisness? Has this then been all dissolved in the ocean of thatness? Hearing incessantly about the ontological superiority of that, I sometimes feel perversely inclined to celebrate this. This does, after all, have the advantage of being a bit closer in than that. It's here now. Perhaps all that is this. I know some of that is this at least. Let's try an experiment. Once we have known the thatness of this, maybe we should then know the thisness of that. It could be exciting.

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Anonymous said...

Vient la nuit sonne l'heure,
Les jours s'en vont et j'demeure