Monday, September 06, 2004

The heart under siege

The heart of America is under attack. Clinton's being in the hospital is symbolic of that. At this moment he is being operated on. And I think everyone in this country is being operated on right now. Without a doubt in the last four years we have been subjected to the most egregious assault on anything that resembles democratic values. Venal bullies have been allowed to run wild, and the name of God has been invoked to justify abhorrent misuses of power. We reel under the weight of lies repeated until truth collapses into a puddle of tears and fears. Will the patient survive? If Clinton does not, we are surely doomed; if he does, then we might have a chance. I will take his survival as a sign of hope. Here is someone who has personified many of the paradoxes of the age, and whose body has absorbed many of the slings and arrows that warring paradigms have foisted into the fray. He is emerging into an almost mythic level of existence, more surely than Mel Gibson's Christ, for his sacrifice actually means something.

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La joie vient toujours après la peine