Saturday, October 23, 2010

The synecdochal fallacy

Neither time nor consciousness can be grasped as concepts without the understanding that they are fields. They are commonly experienced by the mind as linear phenomena but this is a what we might call the synecdochal fallacy, taking the part for the whole. If you cut a slice off a higher dimension and view it in the context of your dimension, it will indeed be incomplete. (Incidentally, the whole of the incredibly ingenious film Synecdoche, New York can be interpreted from this perspective.) Thus time and consciousness, both being multidimensional realities, transcend causality, linearity, and all the limitations of the 4D spacetime dimensionality with which we are familiar. They are self-referential looping forces or presences, and are best seen as fields. They are zero-point fields in their pure state, but we usually encounter them in activated state (unless we are in meditation or some form of nonordinary awareness). This activated state is also a field but one which is scalarized by the self-referential activity of looping back on itself with informational reflux. Reality is inevitably a layer cake formed by embedded algorithmic data structures.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


This boat thinks I'm sinking indeed
into the deep cloud of unknowing
it's a floater that knew what was right
before the night and its new moon howled
in protest to the light that decreed
what could be descried from the unfreed post
at the top of the vantage where no sight
tried to penetrate the depths of water
or swim in the weeds unmanned
where the moon sleeps and unknown fishes
feed on memory's tales untold
never thinking where the boat sank
like a passage rite to no end
and found its cloudy fate
to be seed not sand