Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Can we talk?

I wonder what you are saying when you say what you say. I wonder what you think those words mean that are coming out of your mouth. I wonder if those meanings bear any resemblance to the meanings I bear. How could they? We are two very different people. Not just people, but conscious entities, extraordinarily complex and mysterious aggregations of thought forms and identities. We haven't a clue, really, who the other one is. We might as well be extraterrestrials encountering each other's species for the first time. In fact, we're not just entities, we're entire universes drifting through the multidimensional fabric of being, occasionally grazing each other with our starry shoulder. Can we talk? I doubt it. That would be a miracle of miracles. What are we, anyway? We don't know. We're struck dumb by our own ignorance of our incomparable existence.

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Vient la nuit sonne l'heure