Thursday, September 23, 2004

Omnipresence TV-style

All content is becoming omnipresent. In the old days, when you watched a TV show, say "Perry Mason," it was gone, unless you might happen to catch it if it was repeated the following summer. Then with the advent of cable stations, some of which were devoted to nothing but reruns, you got the opportunity to see that Perry Mason episode again and again. Then you could tape Perry Mason and watch it whenever you wanted. Now Perry's on DVD and the number of old shows out in that format is burgeoning. There will be Perry-on-demand, on your web-enabled TV or Pocket PC or even wrist watch (since they have web-enabled watches now). Web-enabled appliances are next. What is to stop this from becoming "push" content? Refrigerators will be rumbling in a Raymond Burr-like voice at us when we forget to shut their doors. We will be castigated by D.A. Hamilton Burger if we leave a pan too long on the stove. Efficient secretary Della Street will gently remind us to pay our bills as we sit down at our desk... we'll interrogated by the lamp in the voice of Lt. Tragg when we come in too late. Nothing that was once conceived will ever be allowed to rest. Forgotten TV shows of lore are being resurrected like zombies to live forever in our homes and appliances, converting our everyday lives into mere extensions of their reality.

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L'amour s'en va, comme la vie est lent