Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Report from God's psychiatrist

God has been showing signs of severe depression of late. I refer you to His recent letter. He is showing deep antisocial tendencies. Not only does he want to abandon the profuse companionship available in The Creation®, but he is planning on "hitting the road." Might I note this is a profoundly narcissistic attitude. It is also dangerous to the health of many others, you and me, for example, because if God abandons the universe (which he now denies having created) for the supposed greener pastures of ... whatever else might be out there, then how much more quickly will the forces of entropy reduce this already alarmingly deteriorating world to ashes? This is not the behavior of an well-integrated being. There are medications that would improve God's adaptation to reality as we know it, if He could be persuaded to take them. I admonish you all to pray that the Supreme Being will see the wisdom of accepting a bit of "therapy" for the sake of the greater good.

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