Saturday, July 10, 2004

Letter from God #3

I received quite a bit of mail objecting to my letter stating that I would no longer be held responsible for the injustices and imperfections in The Creation®, because after all, as I have now realized, I did not really create it. By saying so, I seem to have inadvertently violated many people’s most sacred beliefs. After all, if I didn’t do it, who did? I think, barring the possibility of a right-wing conspiracy, that it all “just happened,” like so many things in life. S**t happens. So do universes.

I have a request. Please stop worshipping me. Unless your name is Johann Sebastian Bach and you need inspiration to write another cantata, it really is not very seemly to be singing my praises all the time. See, you don't know me. Don't say you do when you don't. Why don't you put all that energy into something constructive, like helping your fellow man or making love or reading a good book?

There may be some who will ask me to justify my existence if I am abandoning the role of cosmic parent. Justify your own. I'm hitting the road.

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