Monday, July 26, 2004

One God or many?

It seems obvious to me that there are many Gods, not one. Why? Because everybody you ask what their conception of God is, you will get something different. For the 6 billion people in this world there are at least 6 billion Gods. Now some might say that this is only their conception of God and not the real God. They might say, none of these conceptions are totally true, there's only one true God and no one knows him. But if so, this God who does not reveal himself to anyone, who is the one and only true God, I say he has no interest in being God. And in fact he would deny he is God. He would say, I am not God, but if I ever was, I don't want to be God anymore. You all have enough Gods, 6 billion of them. Be content with them and leave me alone. All these Gods are compassionate, all-wise, omnipotent and omniscient. I am none of these things. Your Gods are far greater than I am. So you have no need of me. I am one and all alone and ever more shall be so. Let me be me, and I wish for you the same.


Anonymous said...

Manchmal bin ich ohne Rast und Ruh'

Anonymous said...

Manchmal schliess' ich alle Turen nach mir zu.