Thursday, July 01, 2004

Frog blog

I know many frogs; but the frog I like best is called The Large Frog. He has many unusual qualities. For example, he can watch television without it being turned on. And he does, for hours on end. This is very useful for, unknown to practically everybody, he is Tiger Woods’ coach, and he needs to be able to see what Tiger is doing in order to advise him properly. Unfortunately, Tiger is not doing very well this year. But unless ESPN or some other news outlet picks up this blog revealing The Large Frog as Tiger’s secret coach, The Large Frog’s reputation will not suffer. After all, it is quite a skill to be able to watch TV in the way that he does. It goes beyond the capabilities of any other amphibian I am aware of

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John Lentz said...

Thank you, Doug. The Large Frog is my witness and redemption! --John