Monday, July 12, 2004

Life is absurd

"Absurd" comes from the root surd, meaning an unvoiced or silent sound; or in mathematics, a number that has no rational expression, such as the square root of 2. Life is absurd, but that does not mean meaningless. Certainly we all flounder around at times trying to discern its meaning, for its meaning is constantly changing and often obscures itself. But that is no reason to rant against the unfairness of the universe and the gods in conspiring to frustrate us. Our mission, and we did choose to accept it, is to track the meaning for ourselves. And then write a report to the best of our abilities. Someone will read it, and be critically dependent upon every detail of the intelligence that we have gleaned. I'm a spy in the house of love, and I know what the square root of 2 is. It's what happens between one and one other one to give the illusion there is more than one.

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