Friday, July 23, 2004

The sky

According to Heidegger, we are geworfen or "thrown open" in this world. Our existence is predicated on a condition of being exposed. Most people spend most of their life and energy on battening down the hatches to minimize the effects of this extreme existential vulnerability. To be reminded of how open this world we are in is, we need only look up to the sky. It serves as a reminder of the ultimate openness, which goes on forever. Beyond the horizon there is nothing but limitless space. That space is us, and there is more of us than we will ever know. All we can do is gaze with awe and wonder upon the vistas of subtly painted clouds and pointillistic stars, and remember that we cannot be defined, any more than the sky can be captured in a paper bag.

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Anonymous said...

Manchmal wünsch' ich mir mein Schaukelpferd zurück