Saturday, July 17, 2004

Time travel

We all travel through time all the time; every day we travel through time one day. Just as when the only time we are aware of our passage through space is when we are accelerating or decelerating, the only time we are aware of our passage through time is when we start slowing down or speeding up. That is when we feel that time is passing slowly (we're slowing down) or fast (we're speeding up). Since it is possible to change the speed of our time travel, how is it that at the end of a given time period we always reach our destination? What if we kept slowing down progressively so that the end of the day never came? Since that doesn't happen, there must be some kind of "time gravity" keeping us moving into the future. But if that were the case, the speed of time must be constantly accelerating, just like an object dropped in the gravitational field of the earth. And if time were constantly accelerating, why don't we feel that time is getting faster? Well, guess what, we do. This is why we always feel that generally speaking time is speeding up as we grow older and we never have enough time. At least I don't. Which makes it a miracle that I am writing this blog, which I probably don't have time to do. Time must be slowing just a bit at this moment so I can do it. Maybe it likes blogs for some unknown reason.

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