Monday, June 21, 2004

Satan for president

Now there's a PR challenge. How do you convince people that it's in their interest to elect the incarnation of evil? You don't do it overnight. It takes years of preparation: putting chemicals in their food and water and frying their brains with electronic transmissions so that they really can't think clearly and spoon-feeding them belief systems through schools and the media that will make them good citizens. You carefully condition people to believe that they live in a democracy, and that the pursuit of happiness (in the consumerist mode) is more to be valued than actually being happy. Once the electorate has been effectively dumbed down, they will cheerfully vote for the man who smiles and talks just like them and doesn't act like he knows more than they do, and they never see his horns, and they never complain as the satanic mills grind their bones into dust. One small step for marketing. One giant leap for demonkind.

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