Saturday, June 19, 2004

I blog therefore I am

I really don't think anybody is reading this. Maybe one person out there somewhere will read this. Or not. I think in some sense I don't exist until one person reads this blog. This blogging is an attempt to come into being. Why do I think my existence is dependent on someone else's perception? I don't think these blogs are mere ramblings in the dark...I think they are like messages we send out into space to see if there's intelligent life in the universe, and that is something that we really need to know. We all want to be met on some level, recognized, and brought into existence through that recognition. "I think, therefore I am" does not quite do it. Descartes was onto some truth about existence as derived from consciousness, although his mistake was thinking that thinking had something to do with consciousness! (Just like French films think that talk has something to do with truth.) Je blog, tu lis, donc je suis.


Anonymous said...

oui, tu exist.

Mais je suis anonyme.

est-ce que j'existe?

tu vraiment pense ainsi?

qubik said...

Now I know why some blogs don't allow anonymous posts! Seriously, bear in mind that even the Man With No Name had a name. This is something I recently learned. Clint Eastwood, in the "Man with No Name" trilogy, not only had a name, he had three names. They were, in order, Joe, Manco, and Blondie. In the same spirit, Anonymous, I hereby give you three names: Asa Nisi Masa. Voilà! If you didn't exist before, you do now, Asa Nisi Masa.

Anonymous said...

Le mule de juge butte contre le mur.

Anonymous said...

Asa nisi masa, asa nisi masa, asa nisi masa.

Guido, perchè vuoi essere felici?

Fuori della chiesa non ci è salvation.

Serigina è il diavolo.


Anonymous said...

eh bien. je suis anonyme, but i am not the same anonyme as the second anonyme. do you believe me? it is true. there are many anonymes floating about. we are not the same anonyme. i am the first and the third but not the second. is this true? it is true. is this true? it is true unless your mind (s'il exist) is tied up in nots.


qubik said...

Ultimately we're all anonymous. Much more so than we think. So probably posting anonymously is a more truthful act than signing one's name. Thank you, all anonymous posters, for your open revelation of who you are.