Sunday, June 06, 2004

Multifocal solipsism

Solipsism gets a bad rap. Anything so universally disparaged has to have something going for it. In this case, how about the truth? Let’s define. It’s the belief that only oneself and one’s own experiences are real; everything else is just an object of consciousness. I just don’t see what is wrong with that. As I have been saying over and over in this blog, our world is in us, our world is us. That’s all we know and all we can know. I see solipsism as different from subjective idealism, which holds that the world is a product of my subjective consciousness. What I am talking about, which I will call “multifocal solipsism,” posits an experiential matrix in which all points of view are equally privileged by virtue of their ultimate centrality within their own quantum reality construct. Consciousness does not cause the matrix template but does weave it while it wears it.

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