Friday, June 25, 2004

Gone today

Be here now? Get real. Nobody is really here. We’re all in Frontierland dreaming of Tomorrowland. We’re always thinking about the next thing, what we want to do next. It is very rare for any of us to even notice the present moment. But while our mind is in the future, dreaming of what is not, our bodies are living in the log cabins of the past. Where’s the present? It is very confusing to try to ascertain exactly when “now” is. My environment is bombarding me with millions of different nows every moment. Light is traveling from my computer screen, from the tree outside my window, and from the sun itself to show me several things that are happening at different moments in time (all in the past). They may be assembled in my mind to give the impression of that they are all happening together, but this is an illusion. Reality is discontinuous, discrete, made up of millions of bits of information coming from different times and places, projecting a movie on the screen of our minds. The universe that we’re constructing is not the real one. We’re gone today, here tomorrow. What’s happening now has already happened and the only thing that’s real is in the future. But by the time tomorrow rolls around, we’ll be gone again. So it goes.

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