Tuesday, October 26, 2004

You've got some explaining to do

"Who's there?—Nay answer me: Stand & vnfold your selfe." (Hamlet)

Yes, the time has come to explain yourself. Why are you here? Specifically, why are you here in my universe? By the act of reading this, you have incursed yourself into that quantum of the cosmos under my purview. Therefore, like some medieval gatekeeper before a bridge, I ask you, who goes there? You may be surprised that I challenge you so. You may see no need of it, as you have been innocently wandering through the Web and happened upon my page. Who am I to address you so? Well, if you want to cross into my world, you have to answer. That is the price of admission. Don't blunder into these parts without knowing what you are about. Stand and deliver!

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