Saturday, October 30, 2004

The most important holiday

When the end of October rolls around, those witches and monsters within all of us are really ready to rock. And no wonder; they have been held in check the rest of the year by our overly vigilant sense of propriety. And what they require of us at this time is participation in their mystique, through which we will explore in the dark corners of our imagination that we normally shun, and feel the exhiliaration of freeing ourselves to run amuck in the libidinous, anarchic release that comes with wearing those masks. Halloween is the most important holiday, more so than even Christmas. Or at least the rebirth of Christmastide would be unthinkable without the journey into the underworld that we take at Halloween. It is more ancient, more primal, more real. So celebrate it: let it work its spell on you. Find out what it wants from you and give it up. Get down with your bad self. It's good for you.

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