Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Absolve our problems

If the world is as we are, we are a real mess. We all need extreme psychotherapy and some kind of radical reconditioning. How did things reach this pass? Were our families of origin really that bad? Did we undergo a plethora of numbing traumas throughout our childhood that caused such major psychosis? How do they even let us walk around freely? We are all mad, you know: irretrievably insane. There's no other explanation. We can see the reflection of our inner split when we look out at this broken mirror of a world, and as the ignorant armies clash by night, we have no island to retreat to, for we are part and parcel of, and indeed the cause of that conflict. That is, if the world is the externalization of ourselves, because the world is as we are. What's the alternative? That objective reality has no connection to us? There's no object without a subject, so that won't fly. There are no two ways about it: the world is coming apart at the seams, and so are we. Look out, shrinks! Get your couches ready. Here we come, billions strong, to make our confessions. Please absolve our problems because we sure can't solve them.

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