Sunday, October 31, 2004

Ringing endorsement

This is the first time the qubikuity blog has endorsed a presidential candidate. One reason is that qubikuity has only been in existence since May of 2004. Another, however, is that recently the realm of politics has imposed itself upon the mind of this writer for the first time in appreciable degree since the 1960s. That was a long time ago, and yet somehow the nation still seems to be fighting the Vietnam War. We thought it ended; but no! It's still going on in the minds of many people in this country. We are still debating whether it was right or not that a candidate opposed the war forty years ago, as if to do so were traitorous and disloyal. Vietnam is truly the Energizer Bunny war. Somehow it was forgotten along the way that it was a really stupid war, and an immoral one to boot. Now, at a safe remove from its horrors, we can reclaim it and add it to the honor roll of Great American Wars. I have a problem with that. My ringing endorsement is for the candidate who wants to get us out of Vietnam. I think you know who I'm talking about, okay? Enough said. Now let's roll. And will somebody please toss that chimp in the pilot's seat out of the plane? "This is the Voice of Reason and I approve this message."

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