Thursday, August 19, 2004

Wise fools

Those who know, don't speak, we are often told. They are the wise fools, the dumb clowns, littering the Fellini landscape like inscrutable mystics. By their presence alone they teach. We feel just a little more holy in the faint afterglow as they pass in the morning light. Yet when the afternoon comes, tired from the labors of the day, we harbor an ungracious thought or two, why don't you just tell us? The eloquence of your silence fails to subdue our inquiring minds! And when the evening comes, and it is time to pray, we are forced back on ourselves to find the words to express the inarticulate yearning of our hearts. And we get no help from the wise fools, who do not even seem to want us to join them in their silent wanderings.

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Anonymous said...

Manchmal scheint die Uhr des Lebens stillqustehen.