Monday, August 23, 2004

The whereness of awareness

Location, location, location. Where does your awareness live? Are you present, or will you be presently? Where is your when? The chronometric reference points we use to map time are too precise to pin down this quantum fluctuation known as me and you. With fuzzy logic, we might approximate the field in which we dwell. But we'll be blasted like Tunguska before anyone actually locates us, before we locate ourselves. We're quicksilver girls and boys. Lovers of the world, we've seen every branch on the tree.


Anonymous said...

Manchmal greift man nach der ganzen Welt.

Eric Stewart said...

I tend to subscribe to the animistic version of reality in which everything is alive, space being filled with intent, the rather unknowable intent of the Tao. Keeping with nonlocality, I am everywhere but there is a little corner that is convinced that it is a 'me'. I do not attempt to annhilate this delusory subset of myself but rather I attempt to reduce its influence on the manifestations of these molecules called Eric.

qubik said...

Or as John Lentz puts it, "That voice in your head is not you. Everything else is."