Wednesday, August 18, 2004

When does the movie start?

We're sitting in the theater, and the movie still has not started! Our popcorn is already gone. Preview after preview continues to roll, and we are tantalized with promises of what we will see next week. But what about today? We need a movie now. Some people have given up and left the theater. Oh, they of little faith! Of course the movie will start, eventually...won't it? But in fact it has already started. The previews are part of it. Coming in and sitting down in the theater before the previews started was part of it. Getting up this morning was part of it. Being born was too. We've always been sitting here waiting for something to start, but that waiting is part of something that's been going on a long time. The movie always was, even when we didn't know we were in it. And it will go on; it's an epic.

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