Sunday, August 08, 2004

"Don't step on the grass"

One sees a lot of signs like this commanding one to do or not do something. The act of putting up a sign is an aggressive act, practically a violent act. Power may defined as the right to put up signs. They are terribly influential in shaping human behavior. People will just simply believe them and obey them, most of the time. Most people will even stop at a stop sign out in the middle of the desert. Perhaps in the interests of political correctness, Congress should pass a law requiring all signs to bear both sides of the argument. "Stop/Don't Stop"; "Step on the Grass/Don't Step on the Grass"; and so on. It would allow people to both to exercise their freedom of choice and revel in the fact that truth is always paradoxical. This policy might also result in a lot fewer signs.

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Manchmal bin ich schon am Morgen müd',