Wednesday, August 25, 2004

7 postulates of quantum reality

  1. Quantum consciousness is the systemic activity of an integral perceptual module, called the suboctave, which exists in an immeasurably vast matrix called the octave.

  2. There are as many versions of reality as there are modules.

  3. The reality of the perceptual module determines what is real in the context of that module. Therefore, if it doesn't exist there, it doesn't exist.

  4. Within the octave, there is no common reality because there are no forms present in all suboctaves.

  5. If a consciousness is extinguished within a module that has no afterlife, that is the end of that perceptual potentiality.

  6. Beings that appear to have consciousness are made out of our consciousness and therefore are us. The "same" being in a different quantum module is a duplicate in what is essentially a parallel universe.

  7. Oneness of being is a metaconcept that does not supersede the integrity of a subreality. Monadic phenomenology is a fundamental cornerstone of the real as the octave-level godbeing who dwells in godspace has no expereience outside the totality of the modular experiences.


Doug said...

absolutely love this stuff...don't fully understand it...but absolutely love it!

Anonymous said...

Manchmal nimmt man, wo man lieber gibt.

Anonymous said...

Try and you can translate.