Wednesday, August 25, 2004

While you were out

While you were out, the universe ended and a new one was created. You don't remember what was going on before you left even though you think you do, because actually you ceased to exist. When you came back into existence, you thought you remembered yesterday but that is clearly false, because this universe wasn't here yesterday. So give up thinking you know what is going on. Your thoughts on the future are similarly unreliable because this universe is due to expire tonight. You cram your mind with expectations and predictions based on the assumption that the same world will be here tomorrow that was here today. But no, my friend, it won't. We're living in a short-term reality. In fact there's no you that persists from cosmos to cosmos. How could there be? You get dissolved along with everything else. This concept of persistence of identity is a convenience and not a very accurate one. So give it up. This universe is up for grabs, and your concepts about anything at all have no merit whatsoever. Say, it's getting dark again and it's about time for you to leave. Bye now. When you show up tomorrow, just remember, you weren't here today.


Anonymous said...

Manchman meint man, dass der Glücksstern fällt.

entropy said...

Are you suggesting that each night, as we go to sleep, our own personal universe dissolves and then each day as we wake, a wholly different universe is created?

You seem to also be stating that it doesn't matter what one does today because tomorrow everyone is in a different world. If that is the case, then any laws would be null and void and no one could/should be held accountable for their actions.

qubik said...

I am not going to protest the notion that a kind of justice and order reigns in the universe, but that too gets remade and rebuilt every new moment of manifestation. Reality is like a movie. When the frame is on, it's on; when it's off, it's off. We don't see the "off" because of persistence of vision. There's a lot going on in the gap between the frames.