Friday, November 12, 2004

Letter from Mick #1

When I recently was offered the chance to become God, I'll admit that I was immensely flattered, as anyone would be. But at first I was reluctant to accept the post. I was a bit averse to accepting that knighthood too, and I suppose, as Bowie chucked his, I should have done the same. But because I wasn't on tour at the moment, I thought I may as well become Sir Mick, as it might give me a rationale for wearing that medieval suit of armour I practically pinched from Sotheby's last year for a few thousand quid.

Now being God is a different matter, altogether more serious. But if I actually listened to all these constant entreaties, I'd go mad. People are worse than a pack of agents. They could just listen to my records and realize that you can't always get what you want. So why cry to me? I can't get no satisfaction either. Well, we all need someone we can lean on, and if you want it, you can lean on me. But if you can't rock me, somebody else will!

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