Thursday, November 18, 2004

A dose of dualism

Feeling sluggish in the morning? Is your mind not so clear anymore at work? Does it seem as though one day is just following the next in an undifferentiated haze? Maybe it's time to try dualism, a touch of the old black and white. You see, the mind gets settled into these homogeneous patterns, and nothing seems good or bad anymore. Well, a little dose'll do you.

Try right/wrong, for instance. That will immediately straighten out the confusing world situation for you. Them and us, that's the ticket. Here's another one to solve all your religious issues. God up there, you down here. End of story. Now if you're a metaphysical sort, a very good dualism is Being and Becoming, also known as the absolute and the relative. Transcend the relative, be in the absolute, and you're done. Q.E.D. That's the ultimate dualism, isn't it?

Not quite. The ultimate dualism is Being and Being. Put your ism together with the ism of another being and that's the ultimate.

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