Sunday, January 30, 2005

The relation-net

It is time for a new kind of relation. A "relationship" is like the Titanic, too heavy to float in this iceberg-packed sea. It is a ship that has sunk many, to quote Osho. The problem is that the relationship has to be airtight in order to keep out the sea and thereby float and travel from point A to point B. The relationship feeds the ego and fixes the individual identity amdist the tides of change. That sort of relation is not what is called for in the current environment of quantum consciousness shift.

The new kind of relation I envision is a relation-net, which has an entirely different purpose, not to travel in any linear fashion but being porous so as to sink into the depths. Where perhaps a gleaming silvery treasure fish may be caught, alive and thrashing in the warp and woof of the matrix of complementary energies...of you and me.

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