Wednesday, January 05, 2005

The present moment

If you would stop thinking for a moment...that's right, just cease that constant onrush of will have arrived in the present. You will know what it is to be "in the moment." What's that? You can't stop thinking? Well, there are spaces between your thoughts, aren't there? Just plop down in one of those for an instant; I know you can't stay there for very long, but try to be there just long enough to get a flavor of what I'm talking about, that nectar of presence.

They say this is being outside of time. Actually, it's being inside time. Past and future, they are outside of time. The present, if and when we can realize it, is like being in the body of time. And what a bod! If we could just get our head inside of time all the way and keep it there, we'd be the ultimate insiders.

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