Friday, January 14, 2005

Letter from Mick #2

Listen, blokes. Now that I'm God, I have even less time than I did before, as what with agents, contracts, tours and the like, I also have to deal now with this incessant praying. Get off your knees! (Hmm...that could be a song title. Almost as catchy as "Under My Thumb"...especially if you conceived it as addressed to groupies...) Right, get off them. I'm particularly fagged with these spam prayers and I have installed an anti-spam-prayer filter. So just know that your time will be wasted if you indulge in this. Have yourself a good shag or at least a good wank, or even a bad wank'll be better than nothing and do you a power of good. Whereas if you keep praying at me (preying on me?) you'll be responded to with a deafening silence.

You cannot petition the Lord with prayer! (Where is Jim Morrison when we need him?)

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