Sunday, December 05, 2004

True history

Having read The Da Vinci Code and now seen American Treasure, I realize that history as it is written is a vast distraction. The real history of any import has to do with secret organizations like the Knights Templar and the Freemasons, which have over centuries been harboring hordes of ancient treasure dating from the time of the Pyramids, and of course the Holy Grail itself. And these coveted items are squirreled away in church basements and the like, just waiting for those who are skilled enough to follow clues that have been placed on the dollar bill and other inconspicuous places.

These books and movies, of which we will doubtless see more, must themselves be messages implanted into the cultural mainstream by shadowy figures to awaken the human race to the hidden mystical currents underlying ordinary life. Be not deluded that because these mind-bending ideas are now being delivered through the popular media, they are somehow less credible than what is enshrined in history books.

Be warned. Heed these cryptic cyphers and follow them to the limit, or be engulfed in the miasma of error masquerading as truth.


John Lentz said...

Wow!I thought I was getting a movie review! Instead another pure existence grazer strikes again! What lurks beneath the reality TV shows and the pop films and books but the one thing they are an imitation of! Are these imitations becoming "good" or are we to laugh at the cosmic humor of their badness and the truth that comes closer to the surface?

qubik said...

"The symbols of the divine show up in
our world initially at the trash stratum." - Philip K. Dick