Thursday, January 14, 2010

The time before time

What was the time before time? That is, before time existed (presumably before the Big Bang, because there could be "by definition" no time before matter and energy existed). And so the question renders itself meaningless....but wait a minute, by whose definition? I think we're being subjected to a bit of philosophically naive materialistic reductionism run amuck here. Answer the question!

The time before time is a different level of existence. It simply defines itself as that reality upon which so-called "3-D," or three-dimensional sensory reality is based. It is independent of 3-D and in fact totally permeates and suffuses the temporal aspect that can be measured in terms of moving objects, even quantum particles. Quantum time does begin to approach it, being nonlinear and acausal, but the time before time partakes of a reality that transcends the quantum layer of virtual fluctuations in which relative existence finds its temporal grounding.

Dali's "Persistence of Memory" gives a flavor of this pure existence aspect of time. Just as his melting watches are found on a spaceless plane (one with no fixed spatial reference points), the sense of momentousness, of being poised on the edge of a moment, create a sense of timeless time. This is still time, but we hear no ticking, we see no digital readout that uniquely identifies this moment from any other. It is a kind of knowing time, that knows us very well indeed, that is conscious, and that wants us to listen to it. A different kind of time, in other words, from the reductionist version, the passive slave to materiality. We'll listen now, old man. Look at my life. I'm a lot like you were.


TurkeyBurgers said...

Well the idea being that before the big bang there was extreme temperature due to pressure. So basically the idea is that all of the matter in our current Universe is the exact same amount of matter that existed before the big bang when it was APPARENTLY just sitting there compacted just for the fuck of it for infinity or doing its cycle or collapse and expansion.

When it is so compacted the temperature is ridiculously high. At high enough temperatures shit would be so hot(everything would be moving around super fast) that none of the laws of physics would exist.

It is so fucking horrible. And if our Universe truly existed in this form before magically just for the fuck of it expanding then this is a shitty way for a Universe to begin. Like a fucking IKEA Universe creation kit.

Add particles, add pressure WHALAGH! Sea Monkey Universe in a bag.

Gracie said...

I do enjoy your blog. I gets the gears moving in my brain.

I love your definition of Dali. Great artist. You have succeeded at honoring the artist and the art by that wonderful, meaningful explanation.