Sunday, August 17, 2008

I am I

I am I, not me, grammatically speaking. The verb "to be" does not allow a predicate in objective case. Grammar will not let me objectify myself. So why should I objectify anyone else? You, for example...take you. This message, which I now send in intimacy, is directed to the subjective you, completely bypassing the objective self which you have erected to confound me. I ask a simple question for you to ask yourself: what do I want?


LeifEriksson said...

Have you written a book or published any of this work?

tuffy777 said...

very interesting blog -- Phil was always seekign UBIK in his own life
~~ Tessa Dick

qubik said...

Tessa, thanks for posting. I just bought two of your books from Amazon: Philip K. Dick's Owl and The Dim Reflection of Philip K. Dick. From your profile I found your blog It's a Philip K. Dick World! and will be posting a link to it soon on qubikuity. Leif, I have published a novel called Weird Scenes Inside the Godmind as well as a book on Philip K. Dick and several others; see my biblio.

tuffy777 said...

thax, qubik!