Monday, September 05, 2005

Implicit hyperlinks

There are two types of hyperlinks: explicit and implicit. If I mention Shakespeare, my explicit link may take you to Wikipedia to see who Shakespeare is. Except if you already know who Shakespeare is, the implicit hyperlink will take you down the corridors of your own mind to remember plays read, performances seen, and innumerable references to Shakespeare in the culture. Obviously, implicit hyperlinks have the potential to be far richer.

But what if you know nothing of Shakespeare? Then you are at the mercy of my explicit hyperlinks. You will go where and when I tell you. You will understand what I want you to understand. And best of all, you will think you have learned a piece of the truth in so doing.

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Sophia said...

That's one of the things about the internet - you never know if the information you get is good or bad! I've followed some pretty odd explicit hyperlinks in my internet days.

Kinda like those emails you receive that say, "Forward this on to as many people you know and Bill Gates will give you x amount of money."