Saturday, March 05, 2005

Divine discontinuities

"Time is an illusion...death is an illusion." From the standpoint of our limited three-dimensional reality, that is correct. Certainly the appearances of changing phenomena, plucked through the narrow chink of our senses, are not to be regarded as "real" (although they seem real enough to the experiencing ego). The discontinuties that rock our world from time to time are relative fluctuations in a personal reality construct that is inherently unstable, a house built upon sand.

If you read Janet Sussman's book The Reality of Time you will learn that time from the higher-dimensional physics perspective is much different than the narrow linear referential time sense we all live by. "Real" time has an aspect of randomness and freedom; its shifts are experienced by us as actual breaks in the fabric of spacetime. It is as if at these junction points a tsunami of information from higher dimension pours into ours and our mental constructs are simply swept away.

John Lentz in Transposition holds that the greater godbeing of this cosmos is actually undergoing a shift out of its own reality structure into a new life that is unimaginable even to it. If that is the case, King Kong and Godzilla could come crashing through your living room and you would not bat an eye. There will be matters of greater moment engaging your attention at that point.

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