Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Neither here nor there

In the 1950s, the You Are There show with Walter Cronkite depicted various historical situations (D-Day, the Gettysburg address, etc.) as if being covered by a modern TV reporter. Such a show would hold no interest today. We are no longer as innocent about history as we once were. We no longer believe there was something "real" there to retell in such a way so as to give it relevance and versimilitude; here at the fag-end of postmodernism, we see only one fiction dressing up another fiction, journalists constructing convenient narratives for our entertainment and politicians invoking mythical pasts to distract us from their nefarious activities.

Nowadays we know that not only we aren't there and can't be there, we never were there. Neither was anybody else. There's no there there. Never was. So it stands to reason there's no here here either. So where are we? Neither here nor there, it seems. Get used to it. This is about as much certainty you're ever going to have about anything.

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